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Movement launching and a piece of paper

Sitting in a Dean of Students’ office is not a great feeling. Yes, this is the equivalent of being called up to the principals office when you are in high school. It’s more intense when you are there to tell him about how you want to start a Christian ministry on campus. So I’m glad that this time it wasn’t me who had to do this…

Couple weeks ago, Leo (staff living in Riverside, CA) along with couple student leaders filled out the paper work for becoming an officially recognized student organization on campus. This is very exciting for us as the approval of this “piece of paper” will help us to gain access to campus and freely minister to the students.



On the personal front, our house goes on the market in couple of weeks.  We’ve been painting our house, moving furniture, and cleaning up.  Obviously, we don’t know how long it will take us to sell the house, but are continuing to move forward in taking steps to move out to CA.


Please Pray for

  • Approval from UC-Riverside of our organization
  • More student leaders to be raised up so that we can share the gospel on campus
  • Our house to sell quickly



Christmas Conference

For the past 5 years, we had been going to Denver for our Christmas conference.  This year, as we transition to CA, our conference assignment has changed as well to attending the San Diego Winter Conference in California.

The conference was our very first event in CA.  We met with many of the staff in the region and our team as well.  We felt at home as we met with some of our future students and were so encouraged by their excitement that we will soon be on their campuses.

Here are some highlights from our time in CA:

· Over 25 students at the conference made a decision to follow Christ for the first time!  Praise the Lord!

· 600 Students packed and donated 100,000 meals to food banks in San Diego County and the L.A. Metro Area.

· Corey and I helped design and facilitate a prayer experience for the students at the conference.  Among other things, students prayed for their non-believing friends, whose names were written on Post-It notes.  Hundreds of hours were spent praying.

· 23 students from our campuses represented at the conference for the first time.  When asked, “How do I want my life to be different after the conference?” students from Cal State San Bernardino responded:

“I would like to be more bold about my faith”
“Learn how to show Christ’s love to the gay community”
“I want to seek other lost college students and invite them to this welcoming home”
“I’m learning to surrender all to Him”

Thank you so much for being part of changed-lives of students in California!!

Zack & Corey

Story from a student


Upon This Rock (Peter) | Heart-to-Hartley

Changed Life

This summer Catherine and Corey met Mary*, an incredibly sweet, bubbly student who loves American culture, as well as her own.  Catherine, describing her relationship with Mary, said, “I got the chance to pray with one of my friends.  She was already so dear to me, but this sealed the deal.

“She took me through the process of how she cleans herself every time she prays.  We cleaned in the bathroom all the while saying a phrase over and over again.  She kept checking to make sure I was saying it, because then I wouldn’t be doing it right and it wouldn’t be accepted by God.  She really worried about this.  After we were clean we made sure we were fully covered from head to toe.  Headscarf and socks and all.  I borrowed her roommate’s prayer rug and she did a run through for me to make sure I knew how to do it.  Then we started.  She told me that if I had nothing to say I could say a different phrase over and over again.  We did a lot of bowing and I just kept following her.  I decided to quote from Psalms because she was also quoting things.  Mostly I prayed for her.

“After we were done she asked me how it felt, praying for the first time, and I said it didn’t feel different from when I normally pray.  I pray all the time, and the position in it doesn’t matter, I said.  She didn’t quite understand, but she was so excited to be able to teach me how to pray.  It broke my heart.  She wanted me to validate her beliefs, but I couldn’t.  Which I praise God for.”

This moment was incredibly significant for Mary.  It was the first time she really wrestled with the possibility that there was truth–and a way to God–outside Islam